Replace your old or problem sewer without tearing up your yard!

The advantages are:

• Major excavation NOT required

• Preserves your lawn, landscaping, patio, driveway, and interior floor slab

• Fast and reliable with less down time (usually complete in 1 day)

• Environmentally safe

• Proven success and can save you money

Trenchless technology is a new method of repairing or replacing an underground pipe with minimal digging in your yard or parking lot. For homeowners, this technology now offers a way to fix your plumbing problem without having to excavate your entire yard or remove retaining walls and fences. Trenchless technology is the new future of underground sewer repair.Don't let your yard turn into this! Use Trenchless Technology

With the growing concerns with contaminated water, tree roots growing into the sewer lines, and the ground shifting, the new trenchless technology offers a solution to the problem. The way a plumbing company would perform a job with this trenchless technology is either to pull a new pipe through the existing pipe (pipe bursting) or line the existing pipes and then expand the liner to completely fit the pipe (pipe lining). The materials hold up against tree roots, potential contamination and ground shifting.

With pipe bursting you get an entirely new mainline that will have greater flow characteristics than your original plumbing. A small hole is dug at each end of the line to be replaced and the new pipe is pulled through the pipe using a bursting device. Qualified plumbers work with these materials and can install them in less time and with similar cost to conventional digging up the yard type replacement.

If you have problems with sewer pipes in your area, there is now a solution to the continued problem. If you are a business or property owner, you can request a plumber to talk with you about this new technology.

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