Do you really need to inspect your Septic System?

Would you run your car or truck for years without changing the oil or checking/rotating the tires? Septic systems are very much the same way; they need checked periodically to make sure they are functioning correctly. In a lot of cases we have the lids covered up on our septic tanks. This would be the equivalent to spot welding the hood of your car closed. (Talk about a mechanic’s nightmare.)

Cars dealers recommend oil changes every 3 or 4 thousand miles other things like transmission, radiator, brake fluids, and air filters checked to keep our car running efficiently. Similarly, septic tanks need to be checked regularly. Different parts of the system, inlets and outlets of the tank may need cleaned or checked depending on usage. Sludge and scum (solids in the tank) may get to a level that need to be pumped out to prevent them from damaging the drain field, which is only designed for liquids. Pumps can be checked for draw downs and to make sure all is working well and many other things depending on the type of septic you have. LIke a car, if you are timely with maintenance you have less of a chance of a big repair bill or emergency repair.Check your system like you check your car before the damage hits your wallet.

What is the cost to replace your car? Thousands or tens of thousands? A new septic system isn’t cheap either. Depending on house size, soil and location, you may have a simple system now, but if it fails, then new codes and standards will be required to be followed to update or replace your system. In some cases, you may be required to hook up to sewer with hefty hook up charge on top of the cost of construction.

Yes, periodic inspection and maintenance of your septic system is a great idea. Call your local septic service provider for an inspection regularly.

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