About Us

Our Vision:

Northwest Cascade is the premier provider of civil construction and sanitation services.

Our dedicated people work together to create innovative solutions and highly satisfied customers.

Our Values:


  • Strive for zero personal injuries or L&I citations
  • Strive for no vehicular accidents
  • Strive for no property damage


  • Use Northwest Cascade’s resources as if they were your own
  • Do it right the first time
  • Know your customers so you can   meet their needs


  • Be willing to subordinate your own goals in order to accomplish the goals of the team
  • Be willing to understand & take ownership for your responsibilities in order to support the team
  • Understand the contribution of others & work together toward a common goal which cannot otherwise be   accomplished alone


  • Pay attention to details internally and externally
  • Understand and exceed customer expectation through superior customer service
  • Create and maintain a quality environment for employees and families


  • Consistently pursue the leading edge technology and education
  • Provide rapid and effective solutions by thinking outside the box
  • Explore new markets with an open mind


  • Create an enjoyable working environment
  • Recognize positive achievements company wide
  • Continue to celebrate often and plan as a group


  • Do the right thing, even when no one is watching
  • Fearlessly say what you mean and do what you say
  • Honorable conduct by everyone, everyday