8 Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer Heat:

During the summer, it is important to be careful when working outside.  We’ve compiled a list of tips to help keep your body cool while you’re outside in the heat: 1)      Stay Hydrated: The simplest way to stay cool is to stay hydrated. Whenever possible, carry a container of water[...]

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Septic Service 101

Drain Field

Do you know what a septic system is, and what comprises your system? Do you know how to use and maintain your system? Basically, a septic system processes waste materials and waste water from your house. It is a large tank/system buried underground on your property. Plumbing runs from your[...]

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NWC Awarded the Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor Project (Phase 2)

Northwest Cascade Inc. has been awarded the $7.6 million Parkland/Brookdale Interceptor  Project (Phase 2) by Pierce County. This project will include the installation of 72” sewer interceptor pipe, the construction of a new sewer pump station, as well as a mile roadway restoration. We will begin in August and finish[...]

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Paradiso 2013

Honey Bucket had a crazy awesome weekend at Paradiso Fesival, which took place at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater. If you weren’t there, you should have been.  We were there serving and supporting the fun-seekers/party-goers day and night.  With over 1,000 pieces of equipment to take care of, our people worked around[...]

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